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 CyberLink PowerDirector v + RUS

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Anëtar/e  Nderi

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MesazhTitulli: CyberLink PowerDirector v + RUS   Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:57 pm

CyberLink PowerDirector v + RUS
Genre: MultiMedia

CyberLink PowerDirector – provides a fivefold increase in performance for a variety of objectives through effective use of resources, CPU and GPU. The program has expanded support processor Intel Core i7, as well as modern ATI Stream technology and NVIDIA CUDA. Users will be able to publish finished videos to a personal page on Facebook or YouTube video portals directly from the interface of the product. Materials can also be processed for playback on portable devices (such as the iPhone and PSP), or stored on optical media (Blu-ray, AVCHD and DVD).
With this toolkit owners of digital cameras will be able to transform materials amateur footage into a full video of professional quality. The new version boasts enhanced support for high-definition formats, and allows you to create video, distributed on disks Blu-ray Disc (formats BDAV and BDMV). Attention users requested support functions PiP (picture in picture), an impressive collection of transition effects, tools to produce high quality "slide show" and creating interactive menus and more.

- The effects of particles
- Fully customizable effects, which allow you to add arbitrary objects of particles (snow, dust, falling objects, etc.) over the video.
- Improved slideshow editor
- Full customization of the camera, 3D, allocation and movement through the slideshow editor.
- Enhanced tools to improve video
- Use of video for cropping, rotation, change the speed or reverse playback.
- Fixes and improvements through video stabilization, adjust the lighting and improve the quality of video technology TrueTheater.
- Application of noise removal in video and audio files, removing ambiguities video and audio.
- More powerful and user-friendly editing environment
- Ability to use up to nine effects ICC over your master video.
- Adding additional music tracks on the timeline that allows for up to three separate music tracks in the video simultaneously.
- Fully extensible user interface in accordance with specific needs editing.
- Use the form guide to better management of personal multimedia libraries.
- View the video on full screen in the viewing of multimedia.
- View the video on a single display device or video camera when you switch on dual display.
- Use the range selection for selection of segments of the media on the timeline for kopirvoaniya or remove them from the project.
- Use grid lines to assist in the precise placement of ICC and multimedia titles.
- New work area
- A new, easy-to-use workspace, which makes finding videos much faster.
- Optimize CPU / GPU provides high-speed processing of HD video content.
- New functions to create a disk
- New user interface.
- Adding multiple titles at the video created by the disc.
- Create a Slideshow
- View the entire structure of the disc.
- Multi-level menus, as well as easier to use and powerful editor of the menu.
- Faster and easier loading effects and templates from the Web site DirectorZone.
- Download the effects ICC, templates, titles, particle effects and DVD menu templates from the Web site DirectorZone.
- Fully integrated into CyberLink PowerDirector user interface for faster and easier than searching and loading effects and templates.
- Total access to editable projects with other countries through the Web site DirectorZone, to help other users.
- Automatically Shutdown Computer
- Automatically shutdown computer after creating a video or recording it to disk to save energy.

CyberLink PowerDirector – Magic Video Editing for Creating Dynamic Movies, Edit videos and slideshows automatically with stunning titles, effects, and transitions, Quickly fix and improve videos with magic enhancement tools, Achieve the results you want with advanced editing features including key frame PiPs and menu editor, Import from high-def camcorders to create high-def movies, Publish directly to the web on Streamload or YouTube. CUDA acceleration support.

Here are some key features of "CyberLink PowerDirector":
· 6-track PiP effects – Create impressive animations, chroma-key effects, and masks, with up to 6 tracks of picture-in-picture objects. Select from our library of PiP graphics, or import a photo to create your own animated overlays.

· Advanced key-frame effects – Design unique animations by setting the key frames for effects and object animations.

· Video freeze frame – Create dramatic shots to highlight people, objects and moments in your videos. Add text directly on the screen or animate your shot to intensify the emotion even more.

· Disc menu designer – Take your disc production to a new level of sophistication. Include menu navigation that gives the option to play all scenes or make a scene selection. You can move buttons, include animated chapter thumbnails, even import images as backgrounds. The designs you create can be uploaded to DirectorZone to be shared with other creators.

· Pro-like subtitles – Add video subtitles by importing txt or srt files, or manually typing in the Subtitle Room. You can imprint subtitles directly on your video to appear like captions, or set them as a selectable feature on your output DVDs.

· Time code and date stamp – Turn your time code and date stamp into a subtitle on your video (requires DV or HDV camera to support this feature). Different from time codes saved during the capturing process, PowerDirector allows you to disable (hide) your time code subtitle at any time before final production. Supports the display of EXIF information for photos too.

· Resizable Workspace – Change your workspace to suit your working style. Drag on your media libraries, the timeline, and preview window to give you more space to create.

· Better media management – Adapt the way you access photos, videos, and effects to your working style. Organize your media by creating new subfolders to sort and store photos and videos. Save your library for future use, or load an existing one for your new project

· Easy sorting of media resources – Display your project content by name, duration, file size, date or type. View the details of your files, instead of thumbnails.

· Faster response times – Enjoy being more productive. You’ll find importing photos and videos, and accessing effects libraries and DVD menu templates, is now quicker than ever.

· High-definition videos – Native support for high-definition content ensures exceptional results from beginning to end. Import or capture, edit and produce, video in AVCHD, MPEG-2 HD and WMV-HD.

· Capture from anywhere – PowerDirector supports all kinds of content sources, including HDV camcorders, TV tuner cards, Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, webcams, CDs, and more.

· Blu-ray Discs and DVDs – Authoring discs is one of the best ways to preserve your home movies; now you can store high-definition AVCHD content too. Support for Blu-ray Discs gives you even greater capacity for your high-definition videos. PowerDirector adds the final pro touch to your discs with its built-in authoring tools for Blu-ray Discs and DVDs.

· Direct publishing to YouTube – Get your movies online fast with direct uploading to YouTube. With easy steps you can name and tag your video so you are easily found by millions of viewers online.

· Output for iPod, iPhone or PSP – Produce movies that you can watch everywhere via iPod, iPhone or PSP. Output files are optimized in a size and resolution that plays best for each device.

· Writing back to HDV and DV tape – Camcorders don’t just record, they are an extremely convenient way to connect to a TV, PC monitor, or projector, so you can show your movie to others. PowerDirector lets you write your finished movie directly back to your camcorder.

• 7 styles – 3D, highlight, motion, cell, collage, scrapbook and normal offer cool ways to turn photos into a movie. PowerDirector’s 3D engine creates a classic 3D room-like effect. You’ll be amazed at how stunning photo slideshows can be.

· Editable slideshows – Change the order and position of individual photos with the cell slideshow style.

· Beat-detection technology – Automatically sync your photos to display to the beat of your music. Change the music and you instantly change the mood of your slideshow.

• 4 effects libraries – Explore your creativity by working with hundreds of transitions, effects, titles, and objects that are all available within PowerDirector’s built-in libraries. Together with what’s available for free on DirectorZone, you have all you need to turn your video clips and photos into movie masterpieces.

· Audio recording and mixing – Creating pro-like soundtracks for your videos is extremely easy with built-in tools for recording voice-overs and other sounds. You can also adjust the audio levels of individual project resources item by item, including those on your video, PiP, music and voice tracks.

· Color boards – Designing colorful backgrounds for title sequences, animated objects and fade effects is made simple with a full palette of color boards. Simply select a color panel and drag to your timeline.

New PowerDirector 9 has been launched. Check out the new features:
- Turbo-charge HD video production speed with world’s first native 64-bit consumer video editor
- NEW TrueVelocity Technology speeds up entire video process
- Professional productions with 100 video tracks and powerful editing tools
- Instant video enhancement with TrueTheater Technology
- Download free effects & templates on DirectorZone

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MesazhTitulli: Re: CyberLink PowerDirector v + RUS   Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:47 pm

ju lutem kete program dua une qe ta shkarkoj me dimoni qe ta shkarkoj
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Anëtar/e Nderi
Anëtar/e  Nderi

Numri i postimeve : 392
Reputation : 106
Join date : 21/04/2010
Age : 32
Location : Shqiperi

MesazhTitulli: Re: CyberLink PowerDirector v + RUS   Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:00 pm

Provo ne keto linke:

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Join date : 18/04/2011
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MesazhTitulli: Re: CyberLink PowerDirector v + RUS   Tue May 03, 2011 10:25 pm

e provova me kode dhe nuk e shkarkova dot, qe un di te shkarkoj c'do program
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Join date : 18/04/2011
Age : 55
Location : greqi

MesazhTitulli: Re: CyberLink PowerDirector v + RUS   Tue May 03, 2011 10:29 pm

Une e dua te jet programi Cyber Link Director pa lek ,me dimoni ta shkarkoj,faleminderit
Mbrapsht në krye Shko poshtë
Anëtar/e Nderi
Anëtar/e  Nderi

Numri i postimeve : 392
Reputation : 106
Join date : 21/04/2010
Age : 32
Location : Shqiperi

MesazhTitulli: Re: CyberLink PowerDirector v + RUS   Thu May 05, 2011 10:46 am

platia shkruajti:
Une e dua te jet programi Cyber Link Director pa lek ,me dimoni ta shkarkoj,faleminderit
Platia:Linket qe une kam dhene per te shkarkuar programin"CyberLink PowerDirector v + RUS " jane pa pagese ,por duhet te dish ti shkarkosh.Ne te kundert ato duhet ti paguash.Atehere te te instruktojme pak.Kliko linkun e pjeses se pare te programit ,kopjoje dhe vendose ashtu tek web adresa e motorit te kerkimit ,"Google" ose "internet explorer" Kliko "enter"dhe do te hapet serveri i faqes se programit.Me maus ulu tek fundi i faqes dhe do te shohesh dy kutiza qe ofrojne marrjen e ketij programi.Kliko tek"SLOW DOWNLOAD" dhe do te presesh rreth 30 sekonda qe programi te jete gati per shkarkim.Pas kesaj pauze del opsioni"Start download now!"Atehere kliko ketu dhe programi do te filloje te shkarkohet ne kompjuterin tuaj.Te njejten gje duhet te besh edhe me 6 linket e tjere te ketij programi.Ta gezosh programin Platia.

P.s. Ne te kundert po klikove tek opsioni "HIGH SPEED DOWNLOAD" shkarkohet me shpejt por eshte me pagese.
Mbrapsht në krye Shko poshtë
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MesazhTitulli: Re: CyberLink PowerDirector v + RUS   

Mbrapsht në krye Shko poshtë
CyberLink PowerDirector v + RUS
Shiko temën e mëparshme Shiko temën pasuese Mbrapsht në krye 
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